Ainārs Vīnkalns

Attorney at Law Ainārs Vīnkalns has graduated from the University of Latvia Faculty of Law in 1994 with a diploma in Law. The same year Ainārs Vīnkalns was admitted to the Council of Sworn Advocates of Latvia.

Ainars Vīnkalns started his attorneyship practice working as an assistant attorney in several well-known law offices: "Sikora & Partners", "A.Vīnkalns Attorney Office", "Pomerancis & Kreics".

In 1999 Ainārs Vīnkalns passed the attorney exam and was sworn in by the President of the Supreme Court of Latvia. In December 1999 together with his colleagues Aivars Bērziņš and Alvis Marga he founded the Attorney Office "Bērziņš, Marga un Vīnkalns". The fact that since then neither the list of founding members nor the location of the office has changed testifies for the stability of this law firm.

Apart from his attorney at law activity Ainārs Vīnkalns has won the insolvency administrator certificate in January 2003. He has served in this capacity in more than 100 cases; around 1/4 of them were companies with assets above 1 million lats. Ainārs Vīnkalns has succeeded to apply the remediation option in the insolvency proceedings thus restoring the solvency of the businesses.

Lawyer Vīnkalns has been active also in dealing with insolvency of individuals both as a certified insolvency administrator and by consulting and legally assisting persons who face the insolvency problems.

Besides the duties of a lawyer and a certified insolvency administrator Ainārs Vīnkalns is performing as an arbitrator at the Riga Arbitration Court. He is bestowed the title of Honorary Arbitrator of the Riga Arbitration Court by the decree of the court’s president.

Fields of professional activity:

  • Representation in courts in civil and administrative cases;
  • Advocacy in criminal cases, representation of victims in criminal processes;
  • Providing defence or representation in pre-trial criminal proceedings with the participation in the investigations;
  • Legal services for all types of real estate transactions;
  • Commercial law, mergers and divisions;
  • Development rights;
  • Banking & Finance;
  • Insurance law;
  • Labour law;
  • Human rights.

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